Together with our buyers, we have one single goal:
to offer you the certainty of an impeccable service.

We know how important it is that a buyer should be able to trust a supplier. Confidence and certainty are two extremely important aspects.

This is why we aim to offer buyers a constantly impeccable and attentive service, in order to add the quality of our relationship to the quality of the products.

Product lines

Our onions are available both in the classic version and already peeled and ready-to-use. They are distributed in various packaging sizes according to customer requirements.


Our onions are present on all major wholesale markets in Italy and Europe.


Our products are distributed on a national basis by Consorzio Autotrasportatori Translusia (Translusia Road Haulage Consortium)

Origin of the products

Quality determines the origin, choice and supply of our onions.

Raw material suppliers

Over the course of the years, as well as nurturing onions, we have also nurtured and developed trusting relationships with the best producers throughout Italy. In order to be able to constantly guarantee the best quality, we have established commercial relationships with producers in various parts of the world: New Zealand, Mexico, Australia, Austria, Egypt… The common denominator which links us with our collaborators is the quality and offer of a prompt and attentive service.

Production capacity

Our investment in technology and staff training have yielded an hourly production capacity of 360 packages.

Why are Andrea Plafoni onions different from other onions?
Why should a buyer rely on our company?

Because we like what we do. The passion we put into our work is the essential ingredient. What are simply onions to some, for us are the main focus of our work.

The service we offer our buyers is not just the act of selling, but is based on the professionalism and trust that clients may place in us and in the quality of our onions.

Andrea Plafoni in figures

Onions sold in Italy vs Abroad (%)
  • Italy
  • Abroad
Bags vs Boxes (%)
  • Bags
  • Boxes
Incidence of varieties on sales (%)
  • White onion
  • Yellow onion
  • Red onion
  • Borettana onion

Purchasing onions wholesale is easy with Andrea Plafoni.
If you are a buyer, Andrea Plafoni can supply your sales points with high-quality, Italian and foreign, white, red, yellow and Borettane onions.