What we do, we do with love.
For more than 60 years.

The company began in the 50s by engaging in the wholesale marketing of fruit and vegetables and by supplying large-scale retail chains, supermarkets, shops and restaurants.

Over the years, we have specialised in processing, storing and marketing onions, installing increasingly up-to-date machinery in our facilities in order to improve the quality and processing times of the product, as is required by our target markets.

In 2007, the company is passed from the father to the son, Andrea, expanding the cooperation network and reorganising the operating structure in order to implement specialised divisions.

This is where the “research and development” division originates, with the objective of obtaining products for increasingly demanding customers who are very attentive towards healthy and sustainable agriculture and ethical and responsible trading. In addition to the Italian market, Andrea Plafoni currently supplies all Western Europe and some countries in Eastern Europe.

In view of the requirements of modern marketplaces and in order to ensure a constant product supply, the company collaborates both with local producers and with foreign companies.

Our growth is the result
of experience, technology and investments.

We have been the specialists for onions for over 60 years. This enables us to offer customers only the best product, carefully selected.
All our production lines have been studied and developed thanks to the experience we have gained over the years. We guarantee the best quality and performance results.
We invest in increasingly advanced technology, but our most important investment is in our collaborators. We are a great family, and it is we who make the difference.

we have in mind a fantastic obsession
which is called “quality”.

A company is not just its product, but also the people who work there.

Andrea Plafoni

The owner and leader. He deals with purchases, supplies and the “research and development” area.

Amelia Bari

The cornerstone of the company, she skilfully manages the financial aspects of Plafoni srl.

Sara Pandolfo

She carefully looks after sales in Italy and abroad. She manages the marketing sector.

Arianna Magnabosco

She deals with all administration, from A to Z, with the utmost accuracy.