Borettana onion

We call her Costanza

With a sweet and delicate flavour, the Andrea Plafoni Borettana onion is sold already hand-peeled.

The Andrea Plafoni Borettana onion has a yellow straw colour and a delicate nature. Its sweet and refined flavour is suitable to enhance meat and fish dishes as an accompaniment. It is typically prepared in a sweet and sour version and when served with an aperitif, it makes this even fancier.



Scientific name

Allium Cepa


A smaller bulb, depressed at both ends, yellow straw colour, delicate flavour


Classic Format

Net 500 grams

Convenience Format

Plate 300 grams

Formato classico

Sacco da 5 kg

Convenience Format

Plate 350 grams

The advantages of Costanza, the Andrea Plafoni borettana onion


No need to be handled.
No tears and no smell on your hands.

Quick to prepare

To cook, simply open the package
and rinse the onions.

A sweet flavour

A delicately-flavoured onion,
ideal for many recipes.