Red onion

We call her Rossella

The Andrea Plafoni red onion is also very good raw: it has a distinctive colour, but a delicate flavour.

The Andrea Plafoni red onion has a purple colour and stands out thanks to its boisterous appearance which hides a delicate character inside. It is particularly suitable for eating raw, in cold dishes, salads and sandwiches.



Scientific name

Allium Cepa


Tunica esterna rossa, polpa bianca.

Box 13 kg

Bag 5 kg

Bag of 10 kg

Net 750 g and 1 kg

The advantages of Rossella, the Andrea Plafoni red onion

Good for health

Rich in flavonoids which are
powerful antioxidants.

Also excellent raw

Its sweet taste is ideal for all uses,
including raw.