Sweet onion

we call it the “Clara” onion

The Andrea Plafoni sweet onion is perfect for delicate palates and has an exquisite yet gentle flavour.

Say goodbye to tears in the kitchen with the Andrea Plafoni sweet onion. Its low pyruvic acid content and high water content makes it perfect for raw consumption in delicious salads or as a means of enhancing dishes with an additional hint of flavour.



Scientific name

Allium Cepa


Pale yellow outside, white pulp

Wood frying pan 8kg

Bag of onions 500g

The advantages of Clara, the sweet onion Andrea Plafoni

No more heartburn

Ideal to enjoy around the clock,
easy to digest.

Enjoy it at any time of day

No pungent flavour or bad aftertaste.

No more tears

Say goodbye to tears thanks to its very low sulphur content.

Perfect for cooking

A sweet and delicate flavour – ideal for delicious salads.