White onion

we call her Bianca

Cooked or raw, the Andrea Plafoni white onion should not mislead: its pearl white colour hides a distinctive flavour.

Despite its whiteness, the pearly-white Andrea Plafoni white onion unleashes a determined personality. It can be used in cooked dishes, but it is also well suited to giving flavour to uncooked dishes.



Scientific name

Allium Cepa


White outer layer, white flesh.

Box 13 kg

Bag 5 kg

Bag of 10 kg

Net of 750 g and 1 kg

The advantages of Bianca, the Andrea Plafoni white onion

Easy to use in the kitchen

Distinctive and versatile flavour,
good both cooked and raw.

Purifies the body

White onions have useful diuretic
and purifying properties.

Protects the body

Boosts the immune system, decongests,
fights inflammation and bacteria.

Helps to combat diseases

including diabetes, liver disease, anaemia,
otitis, obesity, cholesterol…