Yellow Onion

We call her Dora

With its distinctive flavour, the Andrea Plafoni yellow onion is ideal for slow cooking and for a great variety of dishes.

The Andrea Plafoni yellow onion shines with an intense amber colour and hides a distinctive flavour. Its frivolous, but pungent, character, can easily be softened thanks to slow cooking which allows its aroma to provide flavour. The ideal dishes? Meats, stews and sautéed dishes.



Scientific name

Allium Cepa


White outer layer, white flesh

Box 13 kg

Bag 5 kg

Bag of 10 kg

Net 750 g and 1 kg

The advantages of Dora, the Andrea Plafoni yellow onion

Excellent for digestion

The digestive properties act by stimulating
bile secretion

Good for cooking

Aromatic flavour, ideal for
flavouring your dishes